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Annuity Selling Machine

Annuity Selling Machine (ASM) has revolutionized the annuity sales landscape. Using an intelligent prospect algorithm, unique pre-qualified leads are curated for you and delivered directly into your calendar. You do not pay for any lead unless you make a sale. ASM puts the advisor at the center and in control.

No more recycled or shared leads.  We know you have been down that road. ASM aligns with our UMO philosophy: until there is a sale Unkefer receives no fee.

All ASM leads have high net wealth (>$200K), existing 401K/IRA,  and an expressed need for advisor assistance. While the prospect delivery system is automated, our service is personal. We will be only a phone call away to help support your sale.

Federal Leads Sales System

Our federal program attracts and converts high-earning federal employees! We identified an opportunity for financial planning in the government employee market and built a unique system for advisors to serve it.  Our federal leads are client initiated. This is a high-earning, captive market with leads actively seeking enhanced planning of their financial futures. Having worked in this space for a decade we know that the conversion rate is high and these leads need your help!

Financial Awareness Employee Program

Become a Business’s Trusted Financial Wellness Advisor!

  • Get matched to a company that values financial wellness for their employees
  • Get introduced as a “Trusted Financial Wellness Advisor” to the HR or Plan Manager
  • Get 20+ Powerpoint Presentations – with Advisors Notes
  • Get a roomful of employees eager for financial education
  • Get follow-up appointments after each workshop booked directly on your calendar

Quick-Close Final Expense Leads

These FE/ Term Life leads are called by our outcall team, then double-verified, by an independent, third-party, call center. Our intensive verification methods equal more consistent sales. Our test Agents have converted, on average, 35% of the prospect leads they worked. This is a consistent result we are seeing, however, our best agent has converted 48% of their opportunities. Our worst agent is at a 24% conversion rate.  Further proof that our Final Expense & Term Life prospect opportunities turn into real-world sales… consistently!

  • Lead cost is $35 per FE/TERM LIFE lead. The leads are independently double verified and can be worked online using any virtual selling platform an agent is comfortable with.
  • Leads can be generated in all 50 states.
  • Leads can  be sold virtually, over the phone, or in person.
  • Leads cannot be geo specific at this time outside of state lines. (Leads are identified by State only at this time) You  can work in multiple States, if desired.
  • The program requires the agent to be a member of the group to get access. $100 admin fee per month to access FE/TERM LIFE leads.
  • $100 monthly admin fee gets the agent access to the set-more calendar and virtual platform for online sales. It also opens up other support for the advisor, as well as, both human and software resources.
  • Leads are sold in packs of 10 leads ($350 per 10 pack) There is NO LIMIT to the number of leads available in all 50 States. We can provide as many client leads as an agent can see, every month.

Program Requirements:

  • We require that participating agents to be direct with UNK on Americo to access their FE, TERM and Mortgage Protection products. Other Carriers might be added as the program progresses.
  • Agent to be a member of the group to get access. $100 admin fee per month to access FE/TERM LIFE leads.

Upcoming Features:

  • Live transfer calls at $45 per lead. These leads are "warm transferred" to the advisor in real-time.
  • Bilingual leads: English and Spanish speaking leads.