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Consumer Retirement Network

CRN is closer to a referral system than a lead program. We position advisors as experts and educators at the end of the sales funnel. All producers need to do is close.

CRN nurtures HNW individuals through a proven 4-step process establishing a relationship of trust. We then populate your inbox and calendar with warm prospects who have shared their specific retirement needs and are looking for options.

We build programs tailored for individual advisors—we will reach an audience that is your key market. This program has built consumer trust over 15 years by listening to people’s retirement needs

Automatic Annuities Program

How it works:

People who are 60 yrs. old + and are in the top 25% of income earners in the U.S. are marketed to. The ones who opt-in are wanting to speak with a licensed insurance agent about their retirement income concerns. They know the conversation is going to focus on annuities so there’s no dancing around the topic. They want to talk about what an annuity can do for them or discuss options for their current annuity.

Once a lead agrees to be contacted a U.S. based call team will follow up with them and work to set the appointment to your calendar. All you have to do is make the call at the designated time, no chasing down leads, cold calling, or learning how to run digital advertising!

What the advisors gets:

  • Qualified annuity appointments with people who are 60 + and have money
  • Appointments set to your calendar for you
  • Call team double confirms your appointment (the day it’s set, and the day prior)
  • Free CRM to track your opportunities (High Level)
  • Dedicated concierge who’s only job is to keep you happy and making money
  • Exclusive appointments that are 100% yours and are never resold
  • Weekly townhall calls for updates and best practices

The investment:

You can choose from orders of 15 to 50 appointments per month, below are the pricing tiers. This program is month to month, so you’re not locked into any commitment.

  • 15 Appointments = $2,995 ($199 per)
  • 20 Appointments = $3,995 ($199 per)
  • 30 Appointments = $5,295 ($176 per)
  • 40 Appointments = $6,495 ($162 per)
  • 50 Appointments = $7,995 ($159 per)

What’s the catch?

The catch is this program is 100% virtual and prospects are marketed to in 49 states (NY is excluded). That being the case this program is right for you if…

  • You’re willing to take meetings from all 49 states.
  • You’re open to giving it 90 days. Even the most experienced advisors rarely close an annuity sale with prospects in the first 30 days. To fill your calendar with appointments and truly calculate your ROI, we recommend giving it 90 days. But as stated this is month-to-month, so you’re free to cancel anytime.

My Federal Retirement Benefit

Appointment program to place qualified federal employees on your calendar to discuss their benefits and position an annuity as a way to ensure they don’t run out of money in retirement.


  • Simple Format: The system works for you through targeted email and social media ad campaigns to place federal employee retirement appointments on your calendar. You just have to call at the scheduled date and time.
  • Qualified Appointments: Registration webinar gives age and service requirements in order to book an appointment.
  • No Commitment: There is no 3-month commitment, you purchase the desired block of appointments from our vendor partner and order again when you’re ready.
  • FOIA Lists Solicited: This is the first step to getting in front of federal employees. Freedom of Information Act requests are made regularly to build the database of federal employees. This data flows back and forth between the servers and Facebook to build out the profiles of prospective clients even further. Doing this ensures that the ads are placed in front of the right people and brings ad spend down.
  • Confirmation series included: The system will confirm the prospect’s appointment and will send out 28 touches over the next 8 days. This keeps their commitment to show up fresh in their mind and increases your show up rate.

Appointment Lead Generation

Leads are directed to a webinar page with a booking element. What do they see?

  • 28 touches over the next 8 days
  • 6 levels of re-engagement if they don’t book an appointment
  • Confirmation automation sequence

What do you see?

  • Appointment directly on your calendar
  • Email notifying you of a new appointment
  • Link to a tracking sheet

Investment Options

  • Without No-Show Appointment Back-Fill: $1,000 per block of 10 appointments
  • With No-Show Appointment Back-Fill: $1,750 per block of 10 appointments. Strict48-hour limit

Is this system to get qualified federal employees on your calendar to talk retirement success right for you? Give me a call and we can talk next steps.

Safe Money Marketing – Seminar Marketing Program

How it works:

Prospects see marketing from “My Path to Retirement” on Facebook inviting them to a live event in their area to learn about a specific topic related to their retirement. When they click the ad they’re taken to a registration page to fill out their contact information and register to attend. Once they register an automated system will reach out (within 2-5 minutes) to confirm their registration. In between now and the day before the event it is highly recommended that you the advisor or a member of your staff call every person and confirm their attendance. The premium level of the program includes a call team reaching out to attendees on your behalf. The day before the event your prospects will receive another email and text reminder.

What does the advisor get?

  • Pre-scripted slide presentations to choose from that you can modify and put your personality into. The topics you can choose are “Social Security-and Your Retirement”, “Taxes in Retirement-Strategies & Risks”, “Retirement Income Planning-Maximize Savings/Minimize Taxes”, “Legacy Lock-Estate Planning Made Easy”
  • Landing page personalized with your headshot, logo, and Bio.
  • Thank you page upon registration
  • An online lead tracking sheet to track and make notes on your opportunities
  • Automated Email and Text confirmations and reminders
  • Call team reaching out to confirm your prospects’ attendance (at premium level)
  • Facebook generated leads. Higher levels of service can include Google ad network, as well as Safe Money ad network generated leads.

Options for event type

  • Dinner seminars
  • Educational Events (typically held at libraries, community centers, colleges, etc.


Dinner Seminars

  • Basic Level: $2,499 per event (30 units projected)
  • Standard Level: $2,999 per event (35 units projected)
  • Premium Level: $3,499 per event (40 units projected)

Educational Events

  • Basic Level: $2,499 per event (20 units projected)
  • Standard Level: $2,999 per event (25 units projected)
  • Premium Level: $3,499 per event (30 units projected)