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Consumer Retirement Network

CRN is closer to a referral system than a lead program. We position advisors as experts and educators at the end of the sales funnel. All producers need to do is close.

CRN nurtures HNW individuals through a proven 4-step process establishing a relationship of trust. We then populate your inbox and calendar with warm prospects who have shared their specific retirement needs and are looking for options.

We build programs tailored for individual advisors—we will reach an audience that is your key market. This program has built consumer trust over 15 years by listening to people’s retirement needs

Outlook Digital Annuity Program

Offering appointments with:

  • Public College/University professors
  • State Employees
  • Federal Employees (will be available in the future)

How it works:

Prospects interact with email marketing and are exposed to content offering a retirement/pension review with a knowledgeable agent who can assist them with effectively planning for their retirement. Agents can educate them on how to fill any possible gaps at retirement, how to consolidate retirement accounts, how to save on taxes, leverage IUL, life insurance etc. Upon entering their information, they will then book a time to meet with you and discuss their retirement concerns. These are all virtual appointments and will be conducted over the phone and Zoom.

What the prospect sees:

  • Email campaign offering retirement/pension review with a knowledgeable agent.
  • Scheduling page to enter their Email, name, age, and write in what their specific retirement concerns are and book their appointment with you.
  • Their first phone call with you.

What the agent gets:

  • Uncapped appointments per month set for you. Show up rate is 90%.
  • Statewide marketing in 1-3 of your licensed states (marketing is not set to zip codes or a certain mile radius from your office as these are virtual appointments only)
  • Access to a back office calendar to set your availability.
  • State-specific resource hub to tailor recommendations to the prospects’ state.
  • Integration with your calendar through High Level to schedule appointments and prevent double booking and booking on off hours.
  • Appointments generated for you, so you can run your business and not do marketing.
  • Appointments generated exclusively for you, never recycled.


  • Each appointment is $100 and no contracts. You’ll be charged nightly for these appointments on the day they are scheduled to occur.
  • One time onboarding fee of $300.


  • How long has this program been running and how many agents approximately do you have in it? 9 months (as of 5-1-23). There are approx. 15-25 agents in at any moment.
  • Are there specific states you gather leads from and states you exclude? Program includes all states except Indiana.
  • What happens if they cancel/no show? If they cancel the appointment will be replaced free of charge. If they no show you are still billed because they are your lead to follow up with.
  •  What is the average case size? Not tracked by the vendor or Unkefer. The focus is on a consistent close, which is done by targeting higher educated people like professors, Dr’s, etc. who have a higher intent if they take the time to fill book their own appointment with you.
  • How long does it take to onboard and agent and when would they expect to start seeing appointments on their calendar?  7-10 business days to onboard and 2-3 business days after, appointments will start showing up(scheduling is allowed up to 7 business days out)
  • Is there any participation fee on top of the cost per appointment? No, the investment is straight forward and only for the block of appointments, and onboarding.
  • Do you have a limit to how many agents can be enrolled in a state? There are limits that can change based on the size of the state, how many agents are already active and how may appointments they’re taking. This is why an agent needs to have minimum of 3 non-res licenses, so if there is a pause on a state you’ve got more options to pull leads from.
  • Do agents have the ability to meet these clients in person via the appointment setting process or is it virtual only? Agent can request a face-to-face meeting if it’s revealed during the first appointment the prospect is local, but the marketing doesn’t speak to in person meetings.
  • Are there any territory protections to prevent agent saturation? There is an on-going adjustment based on state saturation but no concrete agent cap.
  • Does the booking page ask about asset level and type? No, that has been tested and has been shown to scare people away because they’re thinking “they’re only after my money.”
  • How may hours per week should I set aside? We recommend having at least 20 so you’re giving people more options to fit an appointment with you into their schedule. Having less than 20 will slow down your lead flow.
  • Do you recommend any presentation software? Our agents get access to Super Agent Tools our agent focused CRM which also has a retirement calculator, to see how long client’s retirement will last. For showing potential income gaps in your client’s retirement portfolio, you can use E-Money.
  • How do I stop the appointments if I need a break? To stop the appointments, you can go into your calendar inside the program and block your availability for as long as you need. This makes it impossible for the system to book people with you for your specified period of time.