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Workshop System – Features

Look at all of these wonderful features! Pretty cool, huh? Think about how they can boost your business and improve your marketing.

Protected territories

We will provide you zip-code areas that are protected from use by other Advisor's enrolled in our program.

We’ll invest our capital directly into your marketing.

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Customized Branded Presentation

You will have access to a highly sourced and researched presentation that focuses on the key challenges facing retirees in today's economy. This presentation has proven to generate a high level of interest which leads to setting a very high percentage of appointments.

Deluxe Invitation / RSVP Service

We will provide you access to our "classified" invitation that will guarantee you a filled room every time! You will also receive a dedicated RSVP web page that will allow you to easily organize and follow up on your opportunities.

What You receive – Deliverables

When we say turn-key system...

We mean it!

24/7 Training

24/7 Training ensures results. Need help polishing your workshop skills? We can help!

Workshops Made Easy!

This training will give you all the knowledge you will need to guarantee a successful workshop event. We will reveal the key details in an easy-to-follow plan of activities that will insure your success!

Practice Makes Perfect!

Presentation Rehearsal Area

We will provide you a narrated presentation so you will know what to say on each and every slide. You will have the ability to rehearse on each topic and practice repeatedly to master your presentation. Practice makes perfect and we give you the tool you need to make that a reality!

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Agent Qualifications

  • Agent must move contracts to Unkefer at advertised street level.

  • Agent must agree to do a minimum of 4 workshops per year.
  • Agent must have verifiable production of $2 million over the last 12 months.

  • Agent must produce $100,000 in premium as a good faith commitment.