Strategic Distribution Division


  1. Increase the number of quality producers who express interest in your firm.

  2. Accurately track and understand your recruiting cycle.

  3. Cut the cost of acquiring a new quality producer.

  4. Reduce the time it takes to recruit a great producer.


  1. Increase the number of quality producers who express interest in your firm.

  2. Increase the premium generated per employee. Reduce and control operating costs.

Our unique blend of market intelligence, award winning proprietary technology, exclusive ready-to-run marketing initiatives, business consultation services and sales volume propel your firm into a high growth, high revenue, high profitability mode.


  1. Deliver "must have" resources for your valued producers.

  2. Provide technology and services that make it easier for your producers to expand their sales.

  3. Consistently educate and develop your producers.

  4. Expand product availability for your producers allowing them to capture more opportunities.

Increase your top line revenue:

  1. Retain your quality producers long-term.

  2. Leverage existing innovative technology to achieve systematic execution.

  3. Turn your advertising and marketing into revenue faster than ever.

W. Andrew Unkefer / President

President, Andy founded the company in 1994. Unkefer & Associates is a national annuity and life insurance marketing organization involved in product design and national sales distribution. The company’s goal is to be the number one resource for independent agents in their annuity and life insurance sales effort. Along with serving independent agents, agencies and mid-sized insurance marketing firms, Andy has contributed consulting services to several insurance companies. He is Unkefer & Associates’ visionary leader, creating a service organization dedicated to the needs of the agents they serve. The agents who affiliate with Unkefer & Associates experience greater success both professionally and personally because our firm is founded on the pillars of HONESTY, INTEGRITY & COMMITMENT.

Phone: 800.523.5851

Chad Hilkemeier / Executive Vice President

Chad is the Executive Vice President of Unkefer & Associates, Inc. and is our operational taskmaster and group trainer. With his extensive insurance knowledge and corporate background, he directs many of the moving parts of our organization. Chad, along with Mr. Unkefer, works closely with our carriers and insurance agency senior executives. He oversees the daily operations of the organization which, over the last five years, has produced billions of dollars in annuity premium and millions of dollars in life insurance sales.

Phone: 800.523.5851
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As a member of the Strategic Distribution Division (SDD) our goal is to present our award winning proprietary agent support software, SuperAgentTools, to marketing organizations nationwide. Each potential client is extensively evaluated in order to identify the challenges they are facing in our competitive industry and how SuperAgentTools can resolve these problems. Through integration of our proven system, IMOs can develop a sustainable business model while seeing attractive growth in performance and profitability.

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