Milestone Marketing Method

Sales Inserts

These single sheets complement your brochure offerings and fit in the Sales Folder. Use this for fact sheets, planning concepts, illustrations or to further highlight your firm’s specialty. Our branded sales inserts include your choice of Annuities, Indexed Annuities, Life Insurance, Indexed Universal Life Insurance, Term, Final Expense and more.


Milestone Marketing Videos

Video messaging imprints your personality on the mind of the viewer. Video captures your voice, your gestures, your face, your expressions, your eyes and more. They get a glimpse into your personality. This allows the viewer a deeper insight into who you are and what you are about. Combining relationship milestone videos with your other contact including phone calls, face to face meetings, speaking engagements, letters, newsletters, thank you cards and more give the client a completely different experience and participation in your brand identity and character.

Stationary, Letterhead & Business Cards

Is letter writing a lost art? Technology has caused many advisors to make the mistake of reducing their investment in ongoing contact with their clients and prospects via direct mail. The fact is, your personal letter will be opened and read by your customer at a much greater percentage than any email you could compose. Combining your brand with thoughtful messaging only serves to make your ideal concrete and permanent in your customer’s mind.

Greeting & Thank You Cards

Designed to give you another high impact opportunity; the hand written message you provide is the most personal of all messages you can ever send!

Your Company Brochure

Simple and effortless for your client to review, innovative enough to grab the attention of high-net-worth individuals. Your brand identity, services and values are embodied in this high impact piece designed to complement your entire identity and most importantly, enhance your image and credibility. You will be able to clearly demonstrate your level of professionalism and stand toe-to-toe with any competition.

Direct Mail Pieces

Integrated Website

Your Custom Integrated Website is designed around your logo and brand identity. The best websites are those designed to increase your credibility but more importantly, drive interest and generate new leads. These sites include special reports and “opt in” opportunities that have proven to increase your client list. Don’t settle for a static “web brochure!” Get interactive and watch your success improve.

Integrated Website

Call to Action Newsletter

The Single Call to Action Newsletter (SCAN) does all three with an elegant approach. Rather than overwhelm your customers with immense content, the SCAN method drives one idea and asks for one action from the client. Simplicity and activity are both captured here and your business will thrive as prospects and existing clients contact you for a specific solution to a specific problem. That’s the winning formula.

Your clients will learn your newsletter covers one topic and you have the solution. This will dramatically increase the percentage of people who read your newsletter and take action over time.

Greeting & Thank You Cards

Stationary, Letterhead & Business Cards

Newspaper / Magazine Ads

Intergrated Website

Video Messages for Your Clients

By blending our Milestone Marketing Videos with your entire marketing package, you will be amazed at how rapidly your relationship builds with each person you come in contact with. The key is to reward each person for milestone moments in your relationship. As they come closer to you, your messaging and videos reinforce their actions. As you automate this process and include newsletters, phone calls, letters and thank you cards, the client will know you are authentic and dependable. The Milestone Marketing Videos will accelerate their acceptance of your personality, leadership and recommendations. This elevates your business to greater productivity and deeper relationships for you.

Letterhead & Sales Folders

Branded Sales Folders

This is the ultimate professional package for independent advisors. This high-quality piece organizes your entire marketing package and cultivates a uniform look throughout all your materials. Add your own content or illustration without losing your overall message and impact!


Combining our award winning system with our digital design consultants, our client management system software, our business development department, our print on demand technology, our agent support team and the Milestone Marketing Methodology puts you in position to capture your full potential! Our team of experts will help you to plug in instantly and effortlessly.