Super Agent Tools

New Concepts, Ideas, Strategies, Products and
Techniques Available Anywhere, Anytime.

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Low Cost E&O

Get excellent coverage at our reduced price!

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Milestone Marketing

The Milestone Marketing Method. This system puts you in a position to more rapidly nurture and establish deep, meaningful relationships with your most prized customers.

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Creative Services

Capture the essence of your message, values and identity!
Your brand and logo will then be integrated into everything you do. All components are custom designed to build stronger and more meaningful relationships between you and your clients.

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Lead Generation

Work with the most successful lead
generation resources in the nation.

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How do we increase your business?

  • Delivering proven prospecting systems
  • Advanced training
  • Unique / Proprietary product offerings
  • Competitive technological advantages
  • Personal coaching and mentoring
  • Systematic marketing campaigns
  • Branding and Logo Design
  • Point of sale literature
  • Cooperative learning opportunities with other advisors
  • Exciting incentive trips


This is the official website of Unkefer & Associates®.

Our group is a 100% independently owned insurance marketing organization (IMO) focused on helping independent advisors increase their life and annuity business.

Our Vision

And our philosophy is simple.

We are your number one resource in developing your annuity and life insurance business. It's a pretty simple formula. The better you do, the better we do!

Stay in touch or contact us with any questions.